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Vitamin D Deficiency – An Epidemic

The health benefits that Vitamin D provide has been no secret. For years we have seen many of our foods fortified with this essential vitamin, but are you still getting enough? Statistics say we are not. Recent studies report that 60-75% of the US population has deficient vitamin D levels. That is a shocking statistic that carries very negative health implications. Before you get too nervous, let’s take a look at some of the symptoms you may be experiencing if you are deficient in Vitamin D:

- muscle or bone pain
- osteomalacia (brittle bones)
- low energy levels/mild depression
- hypertension
- diabetes
- multiple sclerosis
- many forms of cancer
- many more

Many of us are probably experiencing one or more of those symptoms but have you addressed why you might be experiencing them? A good start might be your vitamin D levels. Your blood levels can be tested to give you an exact base line for your vitamin D levels, however not necessary in most cases. I find it to be a fairly safe assumption that most if not all can benefit from Vitamin D supplementation. Now, while there is controversy as to how much Vitamin D one should be taking, there is a common agreement that reaching toxic Vitamin D levels is very difficult to achieve. With that being said you should contact a health professional to receive a recommended dosage for you personally.
You can also increase your Vitamin D intake in the following ways: eating mushrooms, most fish, eggs, milk and orange just and also by being exposed to sunlight.
Get out there and be proactive. Increase your Vitamin D levels and look forward to experiencing reduced systemic inflammation, protection and lubrication of your bones, teeth and hair, the prevention of chronic disease such as cancer, improved mood and on and on.

Happy Spring!

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