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One of the more common side-effects that women experience during pregnancy is low-back pain. This is not surprising as during this time period the body is going through many physiological and endocrinological changes to prepare the women’s body for the developing baby. The lumbar (lower) spine begins to be forced forward putting anterior stress on the joints as the fetus increases in size. In addition to this forward pull on the lower back, the posture of the upper back begins to change to accommodate these changes.

As development continues, the pelvic region of the mother undergoes changes as the body begins to make room for growing fetus. Misalignment of the pelvic region will not only bring discomfort to the mother as added pressure is placed on the joints and the tissue, but it will also cause what is called intrauterine constraint. Intrauterine constraint is a reduction of available space for the developing baby. This can lead to added discomfort for the carrying mother and developmental changes for the fetus.

So what can a Chiropractor do to help with the changes experienced during pregnancy? A recent study showed that 84% of pregnant women who were experiencing low back pain and visited a Chiropractor had significant relief from their pain. After a brief orthopedic exam, a qualified Chiropractor can determine whether or not the pelvis and low back are in proper alignment. If it is determined that the discomfort you are experiencing is a result of lumbar or pelvic misalignment, then a highly trained Chiropractic Physician will perform a painless corrective manipulation of the area to relieve structural stress exerted on joints. Proper alignment ensures even weight-bearing and an even distribution of stress throughout this region.

Now, what if you are pregnant and not experiencing any back pain, can chiropractic still be a benefit? Absolutely! Normalizing the alignment of the pelvis makes the birthing process much easier. If the pelvis is twisted, the birthing canal will also be twisted. This contortion of the uterus can cause a breech position of the fetus which may lead to a cesarian section birth. In another study, Chiropractic manipulation proved 92% successful in reversing this breech position, thus avoiding a cesarian section. Having a Chiropractic Physician periodically align the pelvis can help ensure an easier delivery!

pregnancy-images 2        So what are you waiting for? Call Sowa Chiropractic Associates today to help relieve your pregnancy related back pain and to ease your delivery process! You can reach the East Greenwich location at (401) 398-0958 and the Lincoln location at (401) 728-8060.

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