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    Why am I having chest and/or stomach pain?  How do I find relief from chest pain and/or stomach pain?  These questions can be complicated.  Let me start off by saying sudden chest pain should never be taken lightly.  If you are experiencing intense chest pain and you never have before, you should seek help immediately to rule out causes that can be much more serious.  If you have been experiencing chest and stomach pain shortly after eating and it has been happening repeatedly, then there is a good chance you are having digestive issues, such as GERD/Acid Reflux and hopefully you will gain some insight from this post.

Digestive issues are many times the result of an acid/base imbalance within the gut.  Understanding and identifying whether your digestive discomfort is the result of being too acidic or too basic is the first step to gaining relief.  If your stomach is producing too much acid, the introduction of food/drink will cause the cells within the gut to secrete even more acid.  As you become more acidic, your pH (measure of how acidic or basic a substance is) will decrease.  This decreased pH will begin to irritate the stomach lining, causing pain and discomfort.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, if the cells of your gut are not producing enough acid (too basic, higher pH) you begin to putrefy proteins.  Being too basic will also cause discomfort and is usually associated with the production of gas.

So how can chiropractic help this condition?  Well, we know that the nervous system is responsible for the very sensitive acid/base balance of the gut.  One of the main signals for control of the gut comes from the greater splanchnic nerve, which is formed by five nerve roots originating from the mid-back.  This may seem complicated but the take away should be that there is a large amount of gut control coming from the nerves in the mid-back.  If you disrupt this signal by irritating any of these nerve roots, you can change the signal heading towards and away from the gut.  Don’t you think this may have an effect on how the stomach/gut would function?  The mid-back should always be examined when someone is experiencing digestive issues.

I could go on for another two pages with this post as GERD/Acid Reflux/Indigestion is a very complicating and involved condition, but I want for you to take away a few basic points from this post.  I want you to begin investigating whether your discomfort is the result of the gut being too acidic or too basic.  Also, there are many foods which can cause digestive issues and should be avoided, as well.  While you can relieve some of your symptoms with a pH neutralizer such as Zantac, are you really correcting and addressing the cause of the problem or are you just temporarily relieving your symptoms?  By narrowing down the root cause of your indigestion problems, you may be able to improve your condition so much so that prescription medication may not be necessary.  Understanding why you are having your discomfort is the first step to gaining relief.


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