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Chiropractic and Cycling


Spring is upon us and with that comes an increase in activity.  Incorporating some form of aerobic activity into our busy schedules is something that everyone should attempt to do.  One of the lower impact forms of aerobic activity that is becoming increasingly more popular is cycling.  When using proper form, cycling can be extremely low impact, but the key here is proper form.  As with any form of exercise, proper form will not only enhance your performance, but will also minimize the risk of injury.

As you begin to resume your cycling training or exercise regiments, are you suddenly experiencing discomfort?  Do you have numbness in the hands or fingers or burning and tightness in the shoulders and/or neck?  Has your lower back felt stiff or painful as you increase your mileage?  If any of these questions elicited a response of “Yes”, do you know how to begin addressing these issues?  How about start with a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are highly trained in biomechanics or the study of structure and function by means of the methods of mechanics.  Many times the onset of new symptoms that begin with the initiation of an activity is due to a biomechanical issue.  A full exam of the muscles, joints and movement patterns of the area involved should be performed in order to identify the exact cause of the discomfort being experienced.  The approach to many biomechanical issues involves precise chiropractic adjustments to free up any possible joint restrictions  that may be limiting your range of motion, myofascial work to identify any muscles that may contain trigger points or may be in spasm and proper stretching and strengthening instruction to not only  help relieve the present discomfort but also prevent it in the future.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort while performing a certain exercise, the solution should not be to avoid participating in that exercise.  The solution should be to have a Chiropractic Physician examine you, correct the issue and assist in preventing recurrent discomfort in the future.


Looking for relief?  Schedule an appointment today with Sowa Chiropractic Associates or e-mail me, Dr. Alexander Sowa at with any questions you may have.

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